We Need Your Help to Prevent Mosquito-Borne Diseases in the Gulf Coast

Tiger MosquitoMosquito-borne diseases are expected to rise dramatically as floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma recede. Now, more than ever, insect repellent is needed to protect rescue workers, volunteers, those still stranded and all of the animals exposed to the hoards of mosquitoes.

The Texas Standard reports, “Harvey dropped 27 to 30 trillion gallons of water, causing a big increase in mosquito populations, including those carrying diseases like West Nile, Zika or Dengue. Mosquito season along the Gulf Coast usually begins around May, picks up during the summer, then dies down in October or November. But further south, places…that got hit with heavy flooding…will most likely see mosquito-borne virus transmission well into October.”

Listen to the full interview with Dr. Peter Hotez, Dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine.

Texas Standard Interviews Dr. Peter Hotez on Mosquito Threat

An Easy Way for You to Protect Hurricane Victims from Mosquitoes

To help those in need, you can Donate Insect Repellent to Gulf Coast residents that are facing increased exposure to mosquito-borne disease. Buy one sample or many. Each week, we’ll ship donations directly to those in need. 

Donate Insect Repellent

We’re Doing Our Part to Help, Too

We’re mobilizing to get as much Insect Repellent as we can to those in need. We started grassroots efforts by giving cases of the bug sprays to anyone traveling to affected areas, such as Houston, Galveston, Beaumont and Corpus Christi. We also donated to organizations to increase distribution and protect those on the front lines of relief efforts, including:

Remember, we’re making it easy to help those in affected areas. You can donate as many organic insect repellents as you’d like, and we will get them straight to the people who need them most.

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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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