Dog Dry Skin

Dog Dry SkinDog & cat dry skin is quite common and occurs more often during colder months, due to exposure to heat indoors and drier air outside. Winter is also a time when humans experience dry hands and feet, and as such we require extra treatment during this time to keep our skin moisturized and healthy.
There are several steps you can take to minimize dry skin: Don’t bathe your pup too often, so their natural skin oils are not depleted; they keep your pet’s skin lubricated. Brush your dog or cat regularly to improve blood flow to the skin and when you do wash them, use a moisturizing shampoo specially formulated for pets that is chemical-free and non-toxic.
Spray them as needed with Flea & Tick Pets + Home to relieve itching and scratching caused by dry skin and to prevent parasites from making the itch much worse. Pets + Home promotes skin health and hair growth in the areas where they have licked or chewed excessively. Use Skin Tonic Spray for general skin relief and Oil for specific issues like hot spots.
With Wondercide on your side, there’s no reason your Wonderpups should suffer from the winter blues!
“My TeddyBear dog driving me crazy itching I have tried everything I knew most of this was due to all the climate change we have this spray did the job now when he starts itching I spray a small amount on/around the area good to go also when I bring him in from the outside if he starts up I spray I do not overspray a little goes a long way.” – Kathie G. on Skin Tonic Spray

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