Adoptable Ranger: keeper of your heart?

Adoptable Ranger What’s heavier? An adoptable 55-pound lovebug, or your love-filled heart after adopting this well-behaved pup?

Ranger, a 1-year-old full-blooded white German Shepard-Pit mix, has this whole dog thing down pat. He’s potty and crate-trained (though his foster mom says she doesn’t crate him anymore as there isn’t a need!), is a true gentleman while eating and exhibits no food aggression, doesn’t jump on the furniture–ever!, and only reminds you he’s there with a bark when someone’s at the door. This gentle giant even plays mother hen to his two tiny foster puppies.

Full of love, Ranger is ready to spread his joy with a new fur-ever family! He’s neutered, up-to-date on everything and plays well with kids, dogs and cats. Could Ranger be the keeper of your heart? Shoot us a message at for more information on adding Ranger to your family.

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