It was Wondercide that did the trick!

I just wanted to thank you for this product. I recently treated my home, yard and pets with Wondercide. This is by FAR the MOST effective flea treatment I have found. I live in Florida, believe me I have tried everything from Frontline and Comfortis to yard sprays. I was always concerned with the chemicals I was exposing my family and my four legged family to when using those treatments and felt so frustrated because it never seemed to last. I have spent countless amounts of money to win the flea battle I was having. It was your product that did the trick. And when I calculated all the costs, Wondercide was far more efficient financially too! Thank you so much for such a wonderful and most importantly healthy product!

Sincerely, Nancy Volt – St. Petersburg, FL


Perfect for my apartment and wallet as well…

As a new apartment dweller, I had almost lost hope for ever having a garden again.  Fortunately, a friend told me about  Wondercide and I found you online.  From seeds (and nutrient help from BioGreen Natural Fertilizer) I have grown a beautiful and delicious Cilantro plant on my patio.  To keep the pests away but the frogs and wild life abundant, I’ve been using Wondefense All Purpose Pest Spray, perfect for my small indoor and outdoor areas as well as my wallet.   Thanks for making safe products that help me live a more natural lifestyle.

Dawn H. – Plano, TX

Anything that works this well . . . has our support!

Going for a walkWe’ve been using your Wondercide products since last year and absolutely love them. Fleas are killed on contact as well as other nuisances such as mosquitoes! They drop literally from the air its amazing. Our dogs are instantly calmed and soothed when Flea & Tick Pets + Home is applied. I use it on their hot-spots and they will fall asleep for hours due to the relief it provides.

Our garden is buzzing with ladybugs, walking sticks, dragonflies, butterflies, frogs, hummingbirds, you name it. Our backyard seems to have become a tiny little wildlife habitat. To our surprise, we recently received 2 new guests- wild ducks. They have since nested in the area and have become quite popular in the neighborhood. We also use your products in our organic garden! I’ve spoken to Stephanie many times and she’s been very helpful and informative about the products. Mind you, we live in the Southernmost part of Texas and with the intense heat and humidity, anything that works this well and is good for our family and the environment has our support.

V. St-Pierre, South Texas

You can’t image the relief I have…

Live FleaWondercide Indoor Pest Control is an awesome flea treatment for the furniture and inside the house. I tried every flea bomb and carpet powder I could find and never could get rid of these darn fleas. One treatment with this product and the fleas were history. I love it. It really made the house smell fresh instead of like a chemical plant. You cannot imagine the relief I have after fighting this flea dilemma for the last 3 months. Thanks for making a safe and effective product.

Cherlize M. – Atlanta, GA


From the Troops  “As far as I’m concerned you’re an international success!”

Wondercide sends care packages to troops that contact us or that we know personally. These emails are from a soldier in Iraq on his 4th tour.

Soldiers in IraqThank you so much for sending the care packages of Insect Repellent insect repellent and BioDefense to us. I’ve had several of the troops tell me how well it has worked for them. I really appreciate it. Most of the sprays they have over here require half a day for settling and airing out, and it still doesn’t seem to keep the sand fleas out. Makes us all sick too. Thanks for everything you guys do to help keep the place cleaner and healthier.

Thank again for the packages. Everybody loves it so far. I’ll try to hit up the Preventative Medicine guys to see if we can bring this in for everyone. We are so thankful you keep supplying it and shipping it to us at your expense. It does definitely make everything smell better. You just can’t find Cedar over here in Iraq. As far as I am concerned, you are an international success!

Sergeant First Class – Trey Valdez, Balad, Iraq

I really wish I had taken before and after pictures

My two Great Danes have always had “issues” with their skin. Both suffered from horrible demodectic mange as puppies, have always had scaly skin regardless of which expensive shampoo our vet recommended, and are generally itchy dogs. They’ve both been on Advantix their entire lives to try to keep them flea- and mosquito-free. Over the past year, however, I’ve noticed that NOTHING seems to work against the fleas.

Great DanesI was putting Advantix on both boys every two weeks (which was breaking the bank), and was trying every over-the-counter remedy I could find. Floyd, my black Great Dane, was getting SWARMED with mosquitos every time we walked out the door, and Oswald, the Merlequin, had a really nasty hotspot on his side that he kept chewing raw. Only recently did I hear about Wondercide and the Flea & Tick Pets + Home spray. I really wish I had taken “before” and “after” pictures of Oswald, because within only two days after spraying the boys down, his hot spot looked so much better! He was no longer bothering with it, and the skin was healing quickly. Floyd is also not scratching nearly as much, and his “dandruff” is almost gone! In addition, their coats are lustrous and both boys smell much better than they used to. Your Flea & Tick Pets + Home spray is a lifesaver – for my boys, my bank account, and the environment. I am thrilled to have found your fantastic product, will keep using it on my boys, and recommend it to everyone!

Many thanks,   Mona H. – Galveston, Texas

Like everything else, you get what you pay for…this does the best job!

SilverfishI heard about Wondercide cedar oil products for organic pest control on the Howard Garrett radio show. He suggested trying some inside the house to get rid of the silverfish and moths. I found several websites that sell cedar oils, but found yours the most informative. I purchased a gallon of BioDefense and I’m very pleased with the results. Initially I hesitated to spend the money, but like everything else, you get what you pay for. The good stuff doesn’t come the cheapest, but it does the best job! Thanks again.

Patricia A. – Denton, TX

Thank you for saving my dogs life!

Boxer PixieThank you for saving my dogs life Wondercide! I have a 10 yr old Boxer named Pixie that was getting very sick and agitated when we put the monthly dose of Frontline flea control on her. My girlfriend is a biology student and read up on the side effects of the topical treatments that the vet kept prescribing. She discovered your products in a search for “natural control for dog and cat fleas”. I am pleased to tell you my Pixie has her energy and health back! The Flea & Tick Pets + Home pet spray has helped tremendously with her hot spots too! Now we use all of your products to keep the bugs away from us and our new home. Thanks again Wondercide!

Lynn R – Portland, Oregon



People couldn’t believe their own eyes!

Dear Wondercide, My neighbor had a pool party this past weekend and the mosquitoes were terrible. I pulled out the Insect Repellent insect repellent and people couldn’t believe their own eyes. The ones that used OFF were still getting swarmed and the curious ones who tried Wondercide were bite free. The moms were so happy they could spray it on the little ones without worrying! Now we use it at the kids’ ballgames, before yard work, and I use it during hunting season to mask my human scent & keep the bugs away. We love this stuff!

Brock B – Morgans Point Resort, Texas

One good soaking with the outdoor spray and it was over . . .

Thank you for the advice on how to get rid of chinch bugs and grubs. It works well. I used the EcoTreat Outdoor Pest Control hose end sprayer on the whole yard and it seemed to get rid of the ants and mosquitoes too. We had a few fire ant mounds for years that we never could get rid of. We used sprays, powders, granules and all the other chemicals that didn’t do anything but move them around. One good soaking with the cedar oil spray and it was over. We would like to purchase the concentrate this time so we don’t have to worry.

Tiffany C- Summit, NJ


I know who I’ll be calling next time…

Hi, I left my name on your voice mail this morning inquiring about your Wondercide mite treatment. 15 minutes later i received a call from a very professional and incredibly helpful woman from your company. I wanted to pass on my thanks. Having staff like this as the first point of contact for possible customers will only help to ensure success in a huge market place. Congratulations on your staff! I only wish i had found your site before i had ordered from another company. I have left messages for them asking where my order is…and no one phones back. I know who I’ll be calling next time. With thanks,

Marie L. – Los Angeles, CA

. . . None worked as well as the EcoTreat

Our property backs up to the woods with a creek and somewhat swampy area. Lots of mosquito’s here year around. I called last week and bought a gallon of the EcoTreat Outdoor Pest Control and the hose end sprayer. I got the shipment the next day. Good service, thanks. I did as the lady suggested and sprayed the side of the house, the shrubbery, flower beds and the lawn. I also sprayed the fence and as far as I could into the woods and onto the neighbors property. I soaked everything well and to my satisfaction the mosquitoes and a lot of other insects disappeared. I have tried a lot of different products to get rid of the mosquitoes but none ever worked as well as the Ecotreat Outdoor Pest Control Most of them only worked for a hour at best. It has now been three days and the mosquitoes are still somewhere else. I like this stuff. Feel free to pass this testimonial on to your customers if you wish.

Melodie and James – Lake Charles, Louisiana

. . . The best investment we ever made!

I love my Wondercide Fogger. I was somewhat reluctant to buy one because of the flame up issues associated with Foggers. When I was a child my father burned his arm real bad using one when it exploded on him while fogging the yard. When I read on your website that yours was a non thermal cold fogger and that it used electricity instead of kerosene, that caught my undivided attention. I purchased your fogger with a gallon of the BioDefense. I fogged every room in the house, then went to the attic and fogged up there. I did the heat and air vents by running the air conditioner while I held the fogger in front of the cold air return duct. It sucked the fog into the system and I ran it until I saw fog coming out of all of the air ducts in every room. That was neat. It seems to make the air in the house easier to breathe and not so stale smelling. (my husband is a smoker) I guess it killed any dust mites that were there. I have not seen a bug in the house since I used it. It even killed the cereal beetles I constantly fight. I used it in the pantry for only a minute and then closed the door trapping the fog in the room. The Fogger stays on the front porch now. In the evenings we sit on the porch and watch the sun go down over the Razorback Mountains. All I have to do is turn the fogger on for a minute or two with the EcoTreat Outdoor Pest Control in it and not a mosquito in sight. My husband says it’s the best investment we ever made.

Mary and William T – Fort Smith, Arkansas

. . . We have our life back again!

Amazing! We almost lost hope for a flea free home and yard but then we found your Wondercide chemical free pest control that we could apply ourselves. We were paying a pest control service company $85 every 6 weeks to do our front & back yard. The chemicals smelled horrible, we couldn’t go out in the yard or let our dogs & cat outside for several hours-and on top of that- we still had fleas! We bombed the house, put down the carpet flea killer, put the 2 dogs on Frontline and the cat on Advantage. How is this possible? We are clean people! A friend at work told me about Wondercide and we decided to give it a try. The nice woman who answered the phone explained how to do a complete treatment for our home and pets. We did everything she said and now we are flea free! What a relief to have our lives back again without breaking the bank!

Sarah D – Flower Mound, Texas

I could tell he got instant relief from the treatment.

I just wanted to pass a bit of information to anyone who has dogs or cats suffering from ear mites. Several drops of All Ears into the ear canal along with a quick ear massage put an end to my Shepherds suffering. I could tell he got instant relief from the treatment. I had already killed every flea on him using the Flea & Tick Pets & Home pet spray. Perhaps this news will help someone else who is experiencing an ear mite problem with their dog. You can also use vinegar and water to clean their ears or for an ear infection and then use All Ears the following week.

Sharon W – Boise, Idaho

I was amazed… here it is 4 months later and I still have a pest free home!

Dear Wondercide, After hurricane Ike hit the Texas coast (pretty much my back yard), I was not able to get back to my house for almost a week. My neighbors had pictures of water about 6 in from coming through my front door. When I walked in I had a flea infestation like you would not believe. I also had a few roaches and ants that had run from the water & moved into my house. I did not want to bring my 2 dogs or my cat home. I was going to go buy some chemicals and fog the house but a family friend suggested I try a chemical free product they had used. Not wanting to put more toxic stuff into the environment I decided it was worth a try to use your “bio-defense” with the fogger inside and EcoTreat Outdoor Pest Control outside. I did not believe your 100% mortality claim but bought your products anyway. I figured it wouldn’t be the first product that didn’t do what it claimed. I fogged the house the first time and only used about 1/2 the gallon you said I needed. The next day I still had fleas but not nearly as many. When I called and spoke to you, you told me I did not use enough so I looked at the instructions and fogged the house again using the rest of the product. I also treated the outside of the house and yard. Three days after my first fogging (one after the second) I had no fleas, roaches, silverfish, or ants. I was amazed. Here it is 4 months later and I still have a pest free home. This works better than any other bug killer/preventative I have ever used. Thanks for giving me an option that won’t kill my pets or leach into the water killing the fish I love to catch. I will continue to use all of Wondercide’s products and have told all of my friends and family about how easy and effective your products are.

Dustin, Storm Cloud LLC – Galveston, Texas

I will definitely use Wondercide again…

Head LiceHello! I don’t have any lice left!  It’s amazing how those lice were able to survive all those chemicals I used.  I’m so glad I found you! I saturated my head with BioDefense and massaged it into my scalp, then took a fine-tooth comb and ran it through to make sure they can’t escape. I felt them moving around whenever I’ve wrapped my head tightly in plastic. I’m guessing it’s because they are so small and have become so resistant to chemicals over time! They are horrible, sneaky little devils and have even managed to elude the MagiComb I just recently purchased. Thank you for shipping my order so quickly and for checking on me! I really do like Wondercide and appreciate your concern! I will definitely use Wondercide before going out to do any work in my yard and will recommend this to everyone I know. (I especially love the smell of cedar!)

Beverly H – Lexington, South Carolina