Natural Teeth Whitening: Neem for Teeth

Neem bark powder has a natural ingredient that provides natural teeth whitening andĀ helps freshen your breath. In addition, Neem bark powder helps to counter bacteria that may cause cavities, inflammation and gum disease.

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Neem Bark has been known to help in maintaining a healthy smile!

Neem comes from india, where villagers would chew on the tree branches of the Neem tree, and even without access to modern dentistry, they were able to maintain their dental health.

A number of studies, anecdotal evidence, and thousands of years of traditional use, have all shown that it can deliver great results for maintaining healthy gums and provides natural teeth whitening.

Neem for teeth can replace fluoride and a slew of other chemicals that have become controversial topics of dental care. Most toothpaste brands on the market today are full of sugar, chemicals, and ingredients that are toxins. Why does the warning on toothpaste say not to ingest it? Hmmm…Makes you WONDER?

Neem bark was recently promoted on the Dr. Oz show, saying “It’s a secret Plaque Fighter. Neem Extract acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to prevent Gum Disease” and “…it tastes a little bit like mouthwash.” So. there you have it.

Try All Natural Neem Bark for Whiter Teeth

Neem powder for teeth can be used with toothpaste, or replace toothpaste all together. Just add a few dashes to your toothbrush, brush for about two minutes, and rinse. If you prefer toothpaste, look for a natural brand that is fluoride free like Toms of Maine, OR make your own paste by mixing 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon neem powder, and a half teaspoon of water in a small bowl. Then simply brush and rinse! Visit and add Neem bark powder to dental care routine.



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