Bedbugs are Gross – But You Can Overcome

what a bedbug looks likeBed bugs may be the grossest thing ever. If you’ve ever lifted your mattress to discover that tiny insects have been feasting on you at night, trust us when we say it’s a pretty bad feeling. Take coming home from summer camp with long hair and lice, and multiply that by about a hundred thousand.

Yeah, seriously. It’s gross and scary, but Wondercide can help you avoid it like the plague.

Bed bugs are spreading so widely that folks even come home from five star hotels with infestations. They’ll make their way through every apartment in an apartment complex if you let them. They clothing-hop, bedding-hop, and can be a very unwelcome surprise if you stay at a hotel for a few days.

So, how do you deal with bedbugs?

Look for bed bugs

They’re not easy to find – these little guys are teensy tiny, and their excrement, their skin shells and pieces from their eggs are the easiest signs. You can look for these discarded signs of bed bug life by lifting up a hotel mattress and checking around crevices and cracks. Because bed bugs can hide in furniture, you might also want to take a look under peeled wallpaper, picture frames, and under cushions in hotel room chairs and sofas.

One telltale sign of bedbugs are the small, pin-sized bites they leave behind. They look like a little raised rash on your skin, and are commonly found on the arms, legs, or in some cases the torso.

Fight bed bugs

This is the part that stinks. Many experts recommend a light odor pesticide home spray – but since you’re here, you probably know how dangerous that can be to your family and pets. There are, however, some natural bed bug treatments and tips you can follow to get rid of these pests.

To fight bed bugs naturally, try sealing your mattress in an airtight plastic cover for a little while. Bugs won’t be able to breathe through or escape the plastic, so they’ll suffocate over a period of time.

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Steam cleaning and temperature can also help you. Exposing furniture to freezing temperatures for a prolonged period of time (2-3 weeks) can help kill an infestation. This could work if you have an outdoor garage and are willing to live without your furniture for a while. Steam cleaning all surfaces in your home and thoroughly vacuuming with a pro vacuum can help get rid of eggs and the bugs themselves.

This is how people have to do it WITHOUT Wondercide. WITH Wondercide, none of this is necessary. This is what you simply do instead:

Natural Bedbug Treatments: Spray and remove all bedding materials (including sheets, pillows, blankets, and comforters). Wash in hot water and dry on high heat. Treat mattresses and box springs; especially around tufts, folds, seams and edges. Treat the top mattress, remove to floor and treat the underside. Treat box springs, remove to floor and treat the inside. Treat cracks, joints, interior and underside of bed framework. Treat furniture (including cushions and cushion well), baseboards, moldings, floors, and all cracks and crevices in the room. Let spray dry before putting bedding materials back on. Repeat treatment as necessary in all areas of the home.

Application Rates: 1 gallon per 1500 square feet


Preventative measures

It’s also helpful to fight bed bugs before they even make it into your home, or fight future infestations. Caulk loose areas and crevices in your home where bugs might enter – particularly if you live in an apartment home where infestations are a known issue.

Wondercide Biodefense is an outstanding natural bed bug treatment that can be used anywhere in the home.  We also offer Biter Fighter, a travel size personal insect repellent that you can take with you to hotel rooms for spraying cracks and crevices, beds, and even yourself!. You can protect your luggage before, during, or after your trip with either BioDefense or Bighter Fighter. Both bed bug products are safe, effective, toxin-free, and non-staining.


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