What is “Hydrated Silica” in Wondercide products?

Hydrated Silica is a mineral that is bound to water molecules. This is different from Silica, also known as Silicon Dioxide, which is not bound to water and not the same chemical composition at all.   This inert ingredient is used in a wide variety of cosmetics, personal care products, food, and food packaging.

Is Hydrated Silica safe?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed the safety of Silica and permits its use in food.  Hydrated Silica is in toothpaste, beer, paper products used to package food, and in hundreds of foods and drinks.  Hydrated Silica is clear, odorless and tasteless.   The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lists this ingredient as “Generally Recognized As Safe ” or “GRAS” for use in food and food packaging.

Where does Hydrated Silica come from?

Silica, sometimes called Silicea terra is a homeopathic remedy. Silica is prepared from compounds found in flint, quartz, sandstone, agate, amethyst, jasper, onyx, rock crystal, opal, sand, clay and granite.  Silica has many important uses. It is used as a filler for paint and rubber and in the making of glass and ceramics.

Health & Hydrated Silica

Nutrition plays a major role in how we feel and look.  Certain minerals have a direct influence on the function of blood vessels, cell regeneration, waste removal and the balance of the collagen matrix that keeps hair, skin and nails in good health and appearance.  Silica, in its many forms, is essential for maintaining healthy bone and connective tissue. Traces of this mineral can be found in every organ and cell of the body, with its greatest concentrations being in cartilage and blood vessels.

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