How to Get Rid of Fleas with Natural Flea Control

Wondercide offers a 3-step solution that’s natural and easy for removing fleas from pets, people, and property.

How to get rid of fleasStep One

Treat the source by killing fleas on your pets 

If you’re looking to avoid all of the harsh chemicals while still effectively killing all the fleas, then don’t use spot-drop treatments! Typical ‘solutions,’ like spot-drop treatments, can have numerous harmful effects to the pets you love. This includes skin allergies, diarrhea, seizures, and more. Then, when you play with your pet, those same chemicals get onto you, making you susceptible to the effects that these chemicals can have on people, such as neurological disorders like ADHD or Parkinson’s.

In addition, most spot-drop treatments only kill the adult fleas. The adult fleas are only a fraction of the problem, however. All of the different life cycle stages of the flea, like the eggs and pupae, are still alive and around your pet waiting to hatch. Your problem will continue because you haven’t treated nearly all of the problem.

This is where Evolv Natural Flea & Tick Control comes in. There are no harsh chemicals, and instead is made from cedar oil. The cedar in the product kills fleas on contact, including the entire life cycle stages, and works as a repellent for fleas. This keeps the fleas away from your pet before they ever reach them. Without the chemicals, you’re without the health risks to you and your pet. Treating nature with nature helps to ensure a long and healthy life for your pet.

Step two

Remove fleas from your home where fleas can still live

Everywhere your pet goes, the fleas, eggs, larvae, pupae can go with it! They will then fall off your pet and wait to hatch. So you need a way to remove all of life cycle from your home, many people do this by calling the pest control company.

When you’re getting ready to have the pest control company come spray your home, the biggest concern is scheduling your time around when they are coming and how long you need to be away from your home. Wouldn’t it be nice to just do it on your own terms? Well you can with do-it-yourself solutions. Many of the ‘home remedies,’ however, are usually impractical and ineffective at doing the job.

In order to remove fleas from your home we recommend BioDefense Indoor Natural Pest Control. This do-it-yourself product not only kills fleas, it eliminates the entire flea life cycle when sprayed, with a 99% success rate of killing fleas when used as directed, in one treatment! With BioDefense, since it’s a food grade ingredient, it allows there to be no wait time to reenter your home so you can move on with your day…pest free!

Step three

Remove fleas from your yard, this is the primary source of contact for pets to bring them back into your home

For most people, this is the hardest part of the flea control solution because the outdoors is where pests live after all! What you need is something strong enough to remove all of the pests without being a harsh chemical that can cause harm to the health of you and your pet.

Many chemical-based solutions have been known to cause health risks like allergic reactions, neurological disorders, and even death. Luckily, there is an alternative with EcoTreat!

EcoTreat Outdoor Pest Control Concentrate is a powerful and natural alternative to chemical pesticides. It’s so safe that pets and kids can even be playing in the yard while you are spraying, without risk of harming beneficial bugs like butterflies that make yards so beautiful.

Wondercide consistently receives 5-star ratings, with customers raving about how great it works in controlling fleas. Want to learn more? Check out what people have been saying.


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