Why its so hard to get rid of bedbugs…

Anyone who has ever had bedbugs knows that the problem isn’t really the damage they do, but trying to get rid of bedbugs. Most pesticides won’t kill bedbugs, which leads to complicated freezing procedures, followed by an enormous amount of laundry and buying new furniture.   This week, researchers at Ohio State conducted a genetic analysis of the little bloodsuckers, which they’ve published, and found that they’ve developed genes that are resistant to pesticides such as pyrethroids, says New Scientist‘s Wendy Zukerman.  Resistant bedbugs, the researchers say, are producing detoxifying enzymes that render pesticides neutral.

The resurgence is partly due to an increase in travel to and from bug-infested regions and sales of infected second-hand furniture and clothes.   But many bedbug populations have also grown because they have developed resistance to current pesticides such as pyrethroids, says entomologist Omprakash Mittapalli at Ohio State University in Wooster.

Kill bed bugs safely

Common pyrethroid products are no longer effective against these blood suckers, and double doses of the products will likely make them more resistant at an expedited rate.   If you think you may have bedbugs, Wondercide BioDefense will kill bed bugs safely and effectively.  You can treat your furniture, clothes, mattress and other home furnishings with a clear, non staining solution. The best part is, there are no toxic chemicals and you won’t have to throw anything out.  Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite!


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