12 Ways Wondercide Eliminates Synthetic Chemicals

12-ways-to -eliminate- synthetic-chemicalsThere’s no way around it: pesticides SUCK! Besides being carcinogenic, they’re linked to asthma, ADHD, cancer and lymphoma, and a multitude of other health concerns. And, they’re everywhere. From DEET-based insect repellents used on yourself and your family, to flea and tick spot drops used on your furry friends, and chemical sprays used inside and out, pesticides are looming at every turn.

Luckily, you don’t have to poison to protect the ones you love. We’ll show you 12 ways to ditch the pesticides and your exposure to synthetic chemicals.

🐶 How to eliminate pesticide exposure on your pets

After massive safety-related food recalls and class action lawsuits over the safety of flea drops in recent years, product safety is more important than ever to pet parents, and the buck doesn’t stop at spot drops. Swap these 4 pet products to ditch the chemicals!

🌄 How to eliminate pesticide exposure outdoors

Sadly, toxins in the yard don’t just stay there–they transfer to your shoes (which get tracked inside your home and car!), and to your pets and children. Swap these 4 outdoor products to ditch the chemicals!

🏡 How to eliminate pesticide exposure indoors

Did you know? Pesticides are most prevalent in the home. That’s right, 80% of pesticide exposure happens indoors! Swap these 4 indoor products to ditch the chemicals!

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